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About Us

Formula ウェブサイトへようこそ!

It has been a privately held company for more than 30 years and was established by Saitama Corporation 10 years ago. In the past, the production of はフードトラックのから开まり, the growth of Xu にし, and now ではキャンピングカーのthe industry's leading figure is now しています.


Our Story

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キャンピングカーに情热をholding っており, 特にキャンピングカーのデザインと Transformation が大好きです. After two years of hard work, the first-generation キャンピングカー(middle)を开発・発売することに to りました was officially launched in the Japanese market in September this year. The goal is to provide high-quality でコストパフォーマンスの高いキャンピングカーproducts.


The technology has been refined and refined, and the technology has been transformed into a passionate and passionate person.すべてのキャンピングカーは, thin部までこだわり抜いたデザインとproducedが行われています. The interior is high-quality and luxurious, and the interior is comfortable and comfortable for traveling families.


Safety is the core of the product's safety. The latest safety technology and quality control are adopted, and the safety and trustworthiness and high protection are provided. . At the same time, に、お客様を中心に考え、リーズナブルな価格で高いコストパフォーマンスのキャンピングカーproductsをするhard workを続けています.

Thank you for your concern and care for the club! The highest quality のキャンピングカーを provides し, all the travel がより comfortable and safe でしいものになるようLook forward to しています!

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